Books I am reading

 The Omega Rebellion - Rick Howard

This is rather an interesting book,  the authour was a Hindu for 15 years, all the time searching for the truth.  He kept praying that God would lead him to the truth.  While a Hindu he practiced a lot of mystical and medative worship.  This books tell of the how these practises are creeping into the modern churches today.  Because of the time spent as a Hindu he can write with authority on the subject.  It shows us from the Word of God how this is part of the last deception to be brought into God's church at the end of time.   A very interesting book.

 Dahveed - Yahwehs Warrior - Terri L Fivash

This is the story of the Bible narrative David. The authour sticks very closely with the facts from the Bible.  One thing that I am finding a little off putting is the spelling of David and Saul, but that is only a minor thing.  The authour has made available a lot of historical issues around that time in history which is very interesting.

1. Desire of Ages - E.G. White

What an amazing book this is on the life of Jesus, it portrays Jesus as the kind and loving Saviour that he is.  It tells of the love of Jesus for the human race and how He came to earth as a Baby and allowed Himself to be crucified so that one day we can be in Heaven with Him.  Oh how I long for that day.  This book will take a while to read as our church is reading it in conjuction with the Bible

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