HAED Finishes

No.11 Rochelle - artwork Hannah Lynn
Rochelle © HAED
10. Leaf - artwork Selina Fenech
It was only fitting I guess that Leaf is my 10th HAED stitched, she is stunning, her eyes are just divine and the leaves in her jet black hair with a hint of red offer such a contrast.  The hardest part was to keep going with her neck and down as the colours were so light and there wasn't anything much to uncover.  Although it was rather nice to see the spider web on her shoulder.  People are just gob smacked when they see her,  they will quite often ask me if I painted her.

9. Crabby Crush QS - Hannah Lynn

I just loved stitching this sassy miss.  My girlfriend though would always remind me that crabs that are red are usually cooked one, but then my DIL told me that there are red crabs on Christmas Island.  I was much happier after that. I love everything about her, the beautiful red hair, the background colours. Her skin had a lot of 032 but I decided to sub it out for Blanc instead and was really pleased with the outcome.
Crabby Crush QS
8. Dandelion Dreams QS - artwork Ching-Chou Kuik
This was another model I stitched for HAED.  I was allowed to pick which one and I fell in love with this young lady.  During the stitching of it - I sufferred a fall and hurt my shoulder which made stitching extremely painful and stitching her became a marathon event.  I was so glad to see her done.
Dandelion Dreams
7. Dragon Fly-ing - artwork House Mouse Designs

One morning I discovered an email in my inbox from Michele of HAED asking me if I would do a model stitch for them.  I was delighted to stitch this little guy.  I stitched this one of 32 ct and never again - the holes are just toooo small.  I do believe that this little mouse is quite the world traveller.  From Australia to the USA and then to Paris for an exhibition.
Dragon Fly-ing

6. Ocean's Bounty - artwork Linda Ravenscroft
By this time in my HAED journey I had started quite a few and also finished some QS's but I really wanted to finish a full size pattern, so I punched the numbers into the random researcher and it came up with Ocean's Bounty. This pattern was OOP for a while but is now available again from HAED.  The newer one looks like the colours are a little brighter.  The detail in this piece is amazing and I was constantly surprised by little things appearing that I hadn't noticed before.
Ocean's Bounty
5.  Seahorse Garden - artwork Nadia Tate

 I loved stitching this little miss.  While I was stitching her I saw a programme on TV about seahorses and how the male carries the baby in his pouch and it is puffed up with eggs.  I imagined that the fatter of the 2 seahorses is showing off to the mermaid and the wife seahorse is rolling her eyes and saying please, take no notice of him.
Seahorse Mermaid

4. Greendragonfly QS - artwork Ching-Chou Kuik
I love dragonflies and green is such a soothing colour to stitch. Her eyes are so luminous and huge and the orange on the wings are just perfect for the piece. DH is not to sure about the pixie ears.  LOL. She also has a lot of 032 especially on her face.

Green dragonfly QS

3. Lost City Mermaid QS - artwork Nadia Tate

I did have a plan to stitch a pile of Nadia's mermaids and put them all in a quilt - like everything else life got in the way.  There was a lot of confetti stitches around the column for the leaves and it looked like a jumbled mess of colours until it was finished and you stand back and see all the trailing leaves.
Lost City Mermaid QS

2. Dryad with a Butterfly QS - artwork Ching-Chou Kuik

There is something about this piece that I love whether it is the birds in the background or the roses in her hair I am not sure. I also love the sparkles 032 blending filament used.
Dryad with a Butterfly QS
1. Tahliana QS - arwork Nadia Tate

This was my very first HAED finish and I loved every moment stitching on her.  The colours are just divine and of course my favourite colours.  She has the sweetest face.

Tahliana QS

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