Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue Pearls Mermaid

The beautiful QS was to take the place of Green dragonfly when she was finished but because I decided to do the 2009 HAED SAL it has been relegated to a slot in the 10hr rotation. Because we only get a page every 2 months for the SAL I am hoping to stitch more on Blue Pearls while I am waiting for another page. I forgot just how beautiful this piece is and the colours are so stunning. I remember watching Jan's progress on this and just how beautiful it looked.

I have been so busy today and haven't had much time to stitch. DD was here most of the morning sorting out and explaining all her paperwork to us as they fly out on Tuesday. I am sad already. We also had a visit from our new Pastor who is getting to know everyone. It was a lovely visit with his wife and 3 gorgeous little boys. I forgot just how active little boys can be.

Yesterday was pretty full too with Mum & Dad, DD & partner here for lunch. It was lovely to be all together. Tomorrow is going to be a full on day too with church in the morning and then a BBQ with DD and her friends. They are going to be missed so much.

So not much stitching time to be had in this house for another few days.


Wendy said...

That is a great progress you have! It just looks so gorgeous!!

Sally said...

That looks gorgeous Annette:)


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