Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snow Globe

Here is an embroidered piece called Winter Snow Globe. It was fun to do EVEN the French Knots for the Snow. I will rummage around my fabric stash and see if I can find suitable material for the border. I tea dyed the fabric and it is a little lighter than the picture shows.

With my surprise stitch Sweet Dreams I managed over 7 hrs and will post an updated later.

The surprise stitch this week is Blue Pearls Mermaid. There is so much confetti stitching in this at the moment that I am just stitching mostly in 10 x 10 blocks so as not to get so confused. I am nearly finished Page 1.

Family news.
I have DH at home on Workers Comp at the moment last Tuesday week ago he was drilling at work and when the drill bit into what he was drilling it twisted his wrist and he has torn the tendons around the wrist area nearly off the bone. It was a trip to the ER were they x-rayed and strapped it and said to see his own Dr. after Easter. Our Dr. was appalled that it was not put into a half cast to stop movement of the wrist. Guess who is doing all the waiting on him.........ME.

DS & DIL got back from the wedding in Thailand safely I was worrying about them as I wasn't sure just which part of Thailand they were in. They were up the other end of the Island away from the riots and as soon as the wedding was over they flew to Singapore. DS said he would not go back to Thailand again. He described it as Sodom & Gomorrah but they loved Singapore

DD & SO were in the town of Cuszo waiting to go on their Inca Trail tour. They were extremely lucky to go as they were not letting anyone out of the city due to a strike. The buses and taxi's were being stoned as they left the city. They were the last group to do the Inca Trail as the tours have been cancelled due to the unrest. I am presuming they are on the Trail as the last I heard from them they were 3000 metres above sea level and not to expect ot hear from them for over a week. Again I leave them in God's hands.


mbroider said...

Scary reading that about your husband. Hope his wrist is better now.

Take care

Chiloe said...

I really admired all your stitching ;-) I'll be back as you are now in my google reader ;-)

Hope your DD is having fun !!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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