Saturday, October 17, 2009

Can't believe

I thought I would do an update. I have been really slack of late. I guess I have had so much happening and then again it is fairly mundane things. I was sick there for a few days with a touch of food poisoining and at the moment I think I have a cracked rib high up which is giving me a lot of pain but fortunately I can stitch without it hurting.

I have been working on my Rooster for my 10hr rotation and have nearly finished this round of the Rotation. It seems to have gone rather quick this time. I love how the Rooster is looking he looks really spiffy and the colours on the hand dyed fabric are so vibrant.

I have also started on a Wall Hanging called "Love Never Fails" which is from the magazine Australian Country Threads - although it now goes under another name. I have laid the blocks side by side for the time being. I am pleased with how it is coming along although DH said there are too many different fabrics......LOL.

We are thinking of moving and we are looking for a house this time. We are going to be losing all our privacy at the back as an appartment block is in the process of being built and the noise during the day is driving me crazy. Friday they had the radio blasting all day and it was so loud so that they could hear it above all the noise they were making. I just cannot see the sense in them having it going at all.

Well that is all the updates for now and I will try and do an update on Leaf in a couple of days as she now has lips.

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Julie M said...

Great blog and your stitching is gorgeous!


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