Sunday, January 31, 2010

My My Beautiful Sunday......

My HAED's Up For 2010 Blog has been updated too so go and have a look at the lovely Crabby Crush QS

Before I start into the post - I keep forgetting to answer a question that Fidget of Flossy Lady left about the green frog cross stitch - it can be found at Patterns On Line and it is called Froggie Froggie.

Don't you just love a rainy Sunday spent with a girlfriend gossping, stitching and fondling stash.  Well that was basically my day in a nutshell. See it doesn't take much to please me at all.
Kim also brought with her a present for me.  
Look at that gorgeous fabric and pattern to make a cushion - my lounge is red black and green so these colours are perrrrfeccct and notice the odd one out - she know how much I love butterflies and purple and couldn't resist the beautiful fabric. I can't wait to start the cushion but I have promised myself to finish Love Never Fails first.   Here is the next block nearly stitched.   It is lavender.
and a close up.  This has been so much easier to stitch since I discovered the secret of the pen to use to outline the stitching.

Now for the fun part:  Wasted Time 
This week has been one slack week and worst in January - somehow I just could not settle down to stitch - I was so restless all week.

  1. Crabby Crush QS   -  5.48
  2. Sweet Nectar          - 3.28
  3. Julia Flynn               - 4.40
Weekly time                    13.56
Yearly time                     93.38  (It sure is adding up)

Till Next time God Bless and may you have a wonderful stitchey week.

Annette B


Angela said...

Love never fails is looking really nice. Wonderful fabric from your friend too! I love how you tally up your stitching time, if I did that my hubby would know why I don't have time to clean, LOL :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely fabric, a beautiful shade of red.

Mylene said...

The lavender block looks beautiful!
Sounds like you had a good time with your friend and such lovely gifts from her too.

Bette said...

The red fabric is wonderful. So bright and vibrant.

Elaine said...

Lovely gifts from your friend Annette and your crabby crush and lavender block are gorgeous.

Karyn said...

I love the treats that your friend brought, especially the good chatter and gossip, every girl needs her gal pal time :) Your WIPs are so gorgeous, as usual :)
Enjoy your summer day and lot of hugs

Topcho said...

Rainy Sundays with friends are the best, today it was rainy here too (but I have a lot to study T_T) And the fabrics are lovely. And the lavender is so beautiful ;) I love the sayings too.

Carolyn NC said...

Very nice stitching! Lovely gift - such luscious colors!

Anonymous said...

Your 'stitchery' is very pretty. :o)

I think we've been watching the tennis too closely to get a lot of stitching done. (smile)

Oh and send some of that rain down here will ya? It bucketed down in the south of Vic yesterday but we barely saw a drop. :(

mbroider said...

The Love piece looks so good. I have the charts downloaded. Each time i look at them, i want to them - they are so soothing. I guess tracing is my nightmare...

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome for the wonderful day, my friend. Great progress on Love Never...!

Carol said...

There is nothing like a stitchy day with a dear friend! Love your gifts from her and your new blog look, Annette--very pretty!

Yvonne said...

Did you change your background? It looks really great. I love it. Lovely fabric. I am into sewing fabrics lately and love to look at them everywhere online. Looking forward to see your cushion soon.


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