Sunday, January 17, 2010

Snowman and Friends

I can't believe that we are through another week.  Where does time go and why does it seem to go so fast?

I have updated my HAED's UP for 2010 with Leaf so pop over and see her.

Snowman Gathering - I am having so much fun stitching on this and it stitches up really quick as there are no colour changes.

I won this chart from Tammy on the 123 MB we had a lot in common and we started emailed each other and have become great friends. I also did a Christmas exchange with Lynn from 123 MB and we also have become friends.  The internet has certainly made the world a small place.  About 10/11 yrs ago I met up with a group of Australian ladies from the internet - there was one particular lady and I who just hit it off and we decided to met each other regularly and stitch - we did and became wonderful friends.  We don't meet as often as we would like but we email nearly daily and talk on the phone - we seem to know when the other is feeling down and we are there for each other through the tough times.  Kim is an amazing quilter and stitcher and has just started 2 blogs so why not pop over and leave a comment  Scullys Stitching and Scully's Cross Stitching just to tell you how in tune we are I just popped over to her cross stitching blog and she has changed her background and only this morning I changed the background on my Heads's Up Blog and we have chosen the same background.  Luv you Kim and thanks for being my friend.

Now for something a little different.  I don't wind my floss on to bobbins so I have a question for all those who don't.

Why do some skeins pull out smoothly and why do some end up like the cat has been playing with it?

Does anyone have an answer or is it just one of those unsolved mysteries?

I got so carried away with other things I forgot to post the wasted time this week so here goes.
Five Snowmen:-         6.56
Snowmen Gathering:- 5.25
Fallen Santa:-             3.22
Sweet Nectar:-            5.25
Leaf:-                        5.18
Total                       26.03
Yearly total             57.20   (time wasted)  Yaahhhh

May you all have a fantabulous week and God Bless.

Annette B


Shari said...

these snowmen are great too!!!!!! Why do I get the feeling these guys are a mutual love of ours?? Too cute!!!
I keep meaning to tell you...I love how you list your 'wasted time'!!!!!!!! I don't keep track, but boy, I wasted a lot of today!! I started & finished a project!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Chars said...

These snowmen are cuties too :) I've already wasted 2 hours today and it feels good :)

Yvonne said...

Snowmen Gathering is really beautiful! You are really lucky to have such wonderful friends.

As for the skeins.... I think it all depends which end you pull. Not 100% sure but that's what I get when I think I pulled on the wrong end.

Anonymous said...

How in the world are you managing to stitch on that dark fabric. It looks so amazing but I'm afraid I just can't seem to do it. I tried to make a start on some black 27 cnt evenweave a few weeks ago and gave up after 4 hours and about 8 stitches. (sigh) I've had to resort to black 16 cnt aida. Much better for me.

As to tangled threads. (shrug) Who knows what the deal is there? I store my DMC on Stitch Bows. I love 'em.

Anonymous said...

I have found that it really depends on where you pull it from, but even that is not a definite way around it! LOL

BTW, your snowmen look great!

Karyn said...

I love your snowmen, just gorgeous!

I wonder about the floss too! I can have 2 skeins of the same color, and one does fine while the other one is a "cat's mess" as you said! My solution was to wind them on DMC bobbins and then place each bobbin in a floss away bag. I dunno :)


Carol said...

I love the white on the dark fabric of your snowmen piece, Annette--it looks great!

I don't wind my floss either, but laughed when you showed the photos of the two skeins. Mine usually end up like the second--all beaten up and sad looking! Can't figure out why either...

The internet has certainly shrunken the world--I love all of the international friends that I've made through my blog, too!

Mylene said...

Your snowmen is looking great.

I don't wind my floss on to bobbin's too and get that problem all the time.

Carolyn NC said...

Love your Leaf - awesome! And your snowmen are adorable!

Elaine said...

Those gorgeous snowman are looking great and I just love Leaf, my daughter is mad about anything green I better not show her or she might just want me to stitch it for her.

Anonymous said...

I really love how your snowman are coming along. That is a good question about the floss. I always thought it only happened to me. Good to know I am not alone. :)

Mich said...

How beautiful these snowmen are. Love the white stitched on the blue fabric.

Heidi said...

What great little snowmen!

Hazel said...

Love the snowmen! xx

mbroider said...

I agree with you Annette. The internet has given us angels, and so many of them!!

And the floss experience - has happened to me too. One of those mysteries - because it happens with both ends:(


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