Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love Never Fails

Mini Quilts
Yesterday while the guys watched Formula 1 - I turned my mini quilts, I now just have to stitch in the ditch around them,  next it is onto the Quilt itself.

Love Never Fails is a quilt designed by Val Laird her Blog Journey of a Stitcher can be found by clicking on the above link.

The sun is out and there are clothes on the line, the breeze is quite cool, but who cares we have SUN!!!!

I am off in a few minutes to teach Scripture at 2 Public Schools,  this is just so rewarding.

Catch you all later.

Annette B


Shari said...

beautiful!! Be sure to show us a picture when it is totally put together!! Gorgeous..
scripture in public schools?!? AWESOME!!!

Patty C. said...

This is so beautiful - Looking forward to the finish !!!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful quilt that will be, Annette! Each mini-quilt is so special :)

Beatrice said...

That is so sweet....I love it!

Sandra said...

Love it! It's looking wonderful so far.

I think they would be good for small finishes too, such as flatfolds or needlebooks.

Thanks for the link!


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