Monday, January 2, 2012

First FInishes

I love these designs by Jenny Reynolds of  Elefantz There are 3 designs but I have run out of the staples that I am using to staple the fabric onto the back of the artist canvas.  These designs were in the Christmas Issue of Handmade Vol 29 No 8.   I am so pleased with how they turned out and they are too nice just to bring out at Christmas time so I am going to hang them in my craft room all year round.
Sentimental Xmas Duo © Jenny Reyonald

 Handmade Vol 29 No 8

I like the idea of the artist's canvases and I am going to try and mount a cross stitch on them and just see how it turns out.

I do hope everyone is enjoying their time off and getting lots of stitching done. As the holidays season finishes and the reality of the New Year set in I hope and pray that you will all be safe.

Annette B

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