Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ocean's Bounty

Ocean's Bounty is one of two Focus pieces in my Rotation. This is a design charted by HAED of Linda Ravenscroft's artwork. It is a picture of a Mermaid (a little snotty- she definitely has her nose in the air. She is beautiful and she also know it) sitting on her throne carved in the shape of a fish. She is surrounded by fish, sea shells,crabs,driftwood and starfish. This was one of my first HAED's started. The pattern consists of 20 pages and is stitched over 1 on 28 count linen. I had a few HAED's started and really felt I needed to at least finish one Full HAED in my lifetime. So I decided to make one a FOCUS piece. Well as you can see the long haul is nearly over as I start the last 4 pages across the bottom. She is just stunning and I am over the moon at how she is turning out. The last 4 pages are 1/2 pages so she should be finished by the end of the year. She was also my HAED yearly goal - to finish her. I haven't seen her face in about 3 months so I am looking forward to taking her off the scroll rods and unfurling her and seeing her in all her beauty.

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Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!! What I can see! I will be HDing with you when you finish. My Story Keeper full sized HAED is my focus for next year. this Fibromyalgia Syndrome? If so, I also have this.



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