Sunday, August 31, 2008


Why does a stitcher rotation? Is it because of boredom with what you are stitching or is it the thrill of starting something new before your current WIP is finished. I guess for me it is a little of both. My Mum tells me that I have always been like this - she is a One At A Timer and she can't understand why I would want to start something new before finishing one. I will confess I have quite a few UFO's lurking around the house.

Since moving house I can changed my Rotation. I have kept the basis of my old rotation and just shifted things about. This is how I work out my Rotation times. I am a total bookwork and always have one close by my side. It is the first thing I pick up when I get out of bed and it is the last thing that leaves my hands before going to sleep. So it is a bit of a dilemea when it comes to choosing between xstitch and reading and so I combine the two. I start with allocating 5 minutes to every page which ends with a full stop. I count these until I get 1hrs worth and then take it to the end of that chapter. I start at the top of my stitching list and work my way down to the bottom and then work from the bottom to the top of the list.

1. Annabella © Nora Corbet

2. Blue Bonnet © Paula Vaughan

3.Blue Pearls Mermaid QS © HAED

4. Green Dragonfly QS © HAED -FOCUS

5. Ocean's Bounty © HAED - FOCUS

Now for the focus pieces for every ttime I get an even number I then halve it down as far as it will go and stitch for that time on Greendragonfly when the time is up I will keep stitching till I have finished a 10 x 10 square. I do exactly the same for odd numbers only this time stitching on Ocean's Bounty. This just means that I get to stitch on those 2 pieces more than the other pieces in the rotation. This weeks time went like this. The pieces that are non HAED's get worked on till they are finished.

Birds in the Nest - 2.30hrs which finished off this piece.

Blue Bonnet - 2.10 hrs

Blue Pearls - 1.25 hrs

Greendragonfly QS - 9.55 hrs

Ocean's Bounty - 9.50 hrs

It is quite a unique way to do a rotation. I also use the Random Researcher to help me pick my next projects and I use it to pick my FOCUS piece also. I love this site as I can never decided what to stitch on next and this makes all the decisions for me

Now if only life were that simple.

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Sally said...

Good to see you back blogging Annette. I wondered where you'd got to.

I used to be a one or two at a time stitcher. I'd have a big project on the go and a small one for when I wanted a bit of a break from it. Now I have... er...... a few! Lol!


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