Saturday, August 23, 2008


Here is my current Roation in Alphabetically Order
1. Birds In The Nest (Patchwork Table Runner) Patchwork & Stitching 95%
2. Blue Bonnet - Paula Vaughan - xstitch - 80%
3. Blue Pearls Mermaid QS - HAED (1/9)
4. Green Dragonfly QS- HAED (5/9)
5. Ocean's Bounty - HAED (15/20)

When I have finished Birds In the Nest I will be starting on the Nora Corbet Alphabet. I have all the supplies and can't wait to start stittching them. I am doing them on a dyed fabric by Stitches & Spice. After Blue Bonnet I will be doing a small bookmark a quick and easy stitch.

Here is a picture of Blue Bonnet. I am stitching it is an dyed fabric and just love how it pops off the fabric. It has stitched up relatively quickly for a Paula Vaughan.

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