Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last week I didn't get much stitching done but was busy organizing WIP's especially with 3 new starts. I went out and bought 7 A4 Zip Lock Bags and have put each project in their bag with the name of it on the front. See the pictures. I already had a large box and these bags fitted perfectly. So they now sit there in alphabetical order.

These are my times for last week.

Greendragonfly QS - 3.35hr
Annabelle (weekly focus) 5.15hrs
Ocean's Bounty 3.20 hr
Dream of the Songflower Fairy - 1.05 (new start)
Blue Pearls Mermaid - 1.50hr
Total 15.05 hrs
This weeks focus piece is Annabelle again.
I thought I would show a picture of Toccatta in Green. Already I just love how it is looking.
Had an extremely busy week-end. Went to church on Saturday and then went for a picnic lunch at the beach. It was great catching up with people I haven't seen for a while.
Sunday my girlfriend and her son plus DH's friend came for lunch and then for a swim at the beach. While we were walking on the sand down to the water I saw a brown snake. I grabbed by girlfriend and pulled her back (the guys were ahead of us) - well she started screaming and kept it up for about a minute. The water was cold to start with but absolutely beautiful once your body got accustomed to to
Yesterday DD called in with a list of all the places they are visiting on the overseas trip. They bought their tickets on Saturday.They head out on the 23rd March next year and fly to South America where they will spend about 5 months and then travel up through North America for about 4 months before flying over to the UK where they have work lined up. She is so excited. We also went for a swim in the surf with her. It was refreshing despite the cold. DS #1 flew to Malayasia with work today - he will be gone for about 4 weeks.
Hopefully this week will settle down and I can get lots of stitching done.

Annette B


Anonymous said...

Wtg Annette! I'm almost there. Organization wise. lol Need to get some of those zippies. Where did you get those? I've not seen them before.

The hummer looks great too!


stitchinfiend said...

I just got them at my local Coles Supermarket in the stationary department. They are really strong plastic too.I guess you could find them in most office or stationary suppliers. They are a big enough to fit in the threads too.


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