Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ocean's Bounty - 90%

I can't believe that I am so close to finishing this. It is going to be so exciting unrolling her and seeing here in full.
Got a bit more stitching done this week.
Ocean's Bounty - 10hrs
Tocatta In Green - 3.15hr
Annabelle - 5.20 (only have a little backstitching to finish her
Sweet Dreams - 2.35
Greendragonfly - 5hrs

Total: 26.10

This week's focus piece is Sweet Dreams - Stab & Stash.

I have a terrible sore throat and can't stop sneezing. I feel so miserable.

Annette B


Sally said...

Annette this looks amazing! Cheering you on for that finish!

Anonymous said...

Annette, all of the pieces are just wonderful! This one especially is just so vibrant! I, too, cannot wait to see her in full!

I see you've been sick too. I've just decided that unless I HAVE to go somewhere I'm not. This is my 2nd round in a row (got the 2nd one 2 days after starting to feel better from the first) and my dd's too. She's on the upswing, but I'm about 4 days behind her. Hoping in a few days to be feeling much better too.

Hoping you feel better asap and do you have an inhaler? My dd gets cold induced asthma and it's just awful.



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