Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summer Bookmark

I have another finish. This one didn't take long to stitch 8.35hrs. It was stitched on a scrap of linen that I had. I love the way it has turned out.

I am also posting a picture of Annabell - Alphabet Fairies. I just love how this is looking on the Jacaranda Haze.

Having a finish always seems like I have stitched a lot during the week.

Summer Bookmark 8.35 (Finished)

Annabell 1.10 (Weekly Focus)

Blue Pearls Mermaid - 1.10

Ocean's Bounty 5.55

Greendragonfly 10.35

Total weekly 26.40hrs

I am also changing my rotation slightly too. I have decided to add another 2 pieces to the Rotation. I use the Reasearch Randomizer to pic out a weekly Focus from the 5 non Focus pieces. DH yesterday made me up some scroll rods and 2 sets of end pieces to put on one of my lap frames so now I just have to unscrew the 2 top screws to change over my work.

1. Annabella - Various
2. Blue Pearls Mermaid - HAED QS
3. Dream of the Songflower Fairy- HAED – full size
4. Green dragonfly - HAED QS – focus
5. Ocean’s Bounty - HAED Focus – full size
6. Summerbookmark -Cross Stitch
7. Sweet Dreams – S& S - BAPXS

Non Focus
1. Annabella -Various
2. Blue Pearls Mermaid -HAED QS
3. Dream of the Songflower Fairy -HAED Full Size
4. Summer Bookmark - Cross Stitch
5. Sweet Dreams -BAPXS

1 comment:

Sally said...

Your bookmark is beautiful Annette.

Love your progress on the alphabet fairy. I don't think I've seen one of these being stitched up yet.


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