Monday, September 8, 2008


Time is something we can never get enough of. We can never catch it. Once the moment is passed we can never go back.

So let's talk about time and xstitch.Do you find yourself stealing time from other parts of your life just to fit in your xstitch. I love stealing time.

I had severe pains in my shoulder not long ago and DH started vacumming the house - he is still doing it. When he offers to get a meal I let him. I am lucky to have adult children so I don't have the demands of small children always wanting something done. I will record a TV programe for DH while he is away and if it is something I want to watch I will wait and watch it with him as he likes my company while watching TV. If he and DS want to go and watch a movie I quiet often will use an excuse (unless it is an exceptional movie) to stay at home. It is amazing where you can steal time from.

The coffee cup above is my favourite. I originally bought it to give to my sister who is a cleaning fanatic but decided to keep it for myself. So if DH says anything about dusting I just show him my coffee cup.

How do you steal time and can one be put in jail for stealing time?????????? I guess it is in the end what makes you happy. Me I'm easy to please just give me a needle and thread.

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Anonymous said...

Stealing time for xstitch and crochet. That's me! I have one in high school, one that I home school, a dh that travels out of town and those 2 things are my sanity! lol I steal 10 minutes in between going to p/u or drop off someone. I crochet for the hour at my ds's 2 Kung Fu lessons each week. Friday nights are my true stitching time.

Honestly, for me it's whenever I can sit for at least 5 minutes and get a few stitches in.

Great question!


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