Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly Progress

Ocean's Bounty - 6 hrs (84%)
Blue Pearls Mermaid - 4.05 hrs (4.4%)
Annabelle - 2 hrs
Blue Bonnet - 4.10 hrs (99% - just backstitching)
Greendragonfly - 7.10 (50%)
I just love how she is turning out. She has such delicate features and her eyes are just magical. This week most of the stitching has been with 032 blending filament. I had to start a new reel and it is slightly whiter than the last one. I didn't think that there would be any difference in the dye lots. From a distance you can't tell. There is no way that I am pulling out all the blending filament. She is stitched on 25 count evenweave.
This week I also got my floss for the Dream Song Fairy and a couple of other pieces that I am preparing to start. I also picked up Cross Stitcher, World of Cross Stitch and Embroidery & Cross Stitch this issue has the last of the Mystery Sampler from Gift of Cross Stitch. It also has the neatest Alphabet - it is really an unusual one.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful over the week-end. I can feel summer coming on. The boys from upstair were brave enough to get in the pool. I did hear them say how cold it was though. Isn't is funny how little kids don't feel the cold.
Yesterday we went to a friend's house for lunch and had a rather lazy afternoon sitting around chatting. My Dad also turned 80 this week. He keeps really good health although he has a cold at the moment I think he caught it off Mum. We got him a printer and scanner that doesn't need to use a computer with. He will have fun working it all out.
Hopefully I get in another good week of stitching though I am getting visitors tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

She's just too gorgeous!!

I'm almost finished with the stocking. Just b/s left to do on it, then I can put my Story Keeper back on my rotation! YAY!!

Have a wonderful week!

Sally said...

Nice progress Annette. She's really pretty.


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