Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blue Pearls Mermaid

I am enjoying stitching this piece and can't wait until I finish Green Dragonfly as this will then be my Focus QS. The colours in the piece are just stunning and of course they are my favourite colours.

Stitching for the week. I didn't seem to get as much done as I would have liked.

The cold that I had last week decided to move to the chest and I have been coughing so badly - it sounds like a smoker's cough. My chest just rattle's and sounds aweful. I get asthma so this has not helped. I have to go back to the Drs. on Tuesday as my left lung was very cracklywhen I saw her on Friday. Also the markets have been running hot and I have been trading longer than normal. Have to make use of this volitility while it is there. It is so good for a Daytrader like myself. DH worked out my profit ratio and it was 76%. I am extremely happy with that. Now on to the stitching times.

Ocean's Bounty 5.40 hr
Dream of the Songflower Fairy 1.35 hr
Sweet Dreams 4.40 hr
Annabelle (Finished) 2.30 hr
Beatrix (Started) 1.05 hr
Blue Pearls Mermaid 3.10 hr

Total: 18. 40 hrs

Friends came down on Saturday and we walked down the street for lunch. I love it that we live so close to everything and can walk everywhere. The husband is a Trader and his wife cross stitches so it is a good combination in friends. We had heaps of fun looking through my WIP's.

I picked up Cross Stitch Collection and Cross Stitch Gold - they have a couple of pieces that I want to stitch. I also picked up this morning the Christmas issues of Embroidery & Cross Stitch and Aust Country Threads. Embroidery & Cross Stitch has some beautiful hardanger pieces and there is a gorgeous napkin holder plus xstitch ornaments.
Aust Country Threads has a really cute Advent calendar called Australian Touch - I love it, beautiful patchwork cushions and a wonderful cross Stitch called Here Comes Santa. It has santa being pulled by his reindeers and he is surrounded by snowflakes. Also there were a couple of bonus magazines which I didn't have. Handmade Christmas Gift Giving Issue which is packed full of all sorts of neat ideas and Country Favourites with beautiful Quilts, wall hangings, cushions & accessories. A lovely laundry bag and Couch Companion.

Also HAED have released some beautiful new patterns this week by artists Zindy Nielsen and Sandra Kuck and also released were a couple from one of my favourite artist CCKuik and a stunning lady by Selina Fenech called Cherubina all of which went straight on the wish list. Unfortunately the AUD has dropped dramatically against the USD so I will have to be a bit more selective when they have their sales.

Now back to stitching.

Annette B

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Sally said...

BLue Pearls Mermaid is looking gorgeous Annette.

Hope you're feeling better soon.


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