Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet Dreams

Here is the first picture of Sweet Dreams. This is the top of the Mermaid's Head and I love the sky colours in this piece. I am stitching this on 25 count evenweave.

Stitching times.
Sweet Dreams 9.35
Ocean's Bounty 5.25
Dream of the Songflower Fairy 1.35
Greendragonfly 4

Total - 20.35 hr

The Weekly Focus this week is Ocean's Bounty. Hopefully I might be able to finish her this week. That would be awesome. I am looking forward so much to having this finished.

Last week has been a bit of the same old same old. However this week there is a Craft Show on in Brisbane and my friend and I are going on Wednesday.

Heaven & Earth had a Birthday Sale in which I bought "BellaParadise - Linda Biggs, QS Gentle & Pensive (these are two of Elaine Cox's chart which are being discontinued). QS Praying Fae & QS Star Mermaid - Nadia Tate, Rose Green - Karen Middleton, Fountain of Youth - Jim Warren and Water ACEO - Sara Butcher. "

Stab & Stash also have a sale on at the moment and I purchased "Days Memories are Made of Building Castles in the Sand, Golden Mermaids, Dandelion Wishes - Wendy Gaffney. I love her mermaids. and Mid Summer - Sabrina the Ink Witch. Stab & Stash have also lowered their prices which is great in this economic state.

Annette B

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Anonymous said...


What a great start you have! LOVE those colors too.

And what a stash haul. I've not been to the HAED site for a couple of weeks and apparently I missed the bday sale. Maybe that was a good thing though. lol

HUGS and congrats on the stash!!


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