Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did the week go

Before I get into my stitching update here are a few pics. Last Thursday morning we woke to find that we had no power. We wandered out to the front balcony to find yellow tape across the road and a Stop/Go man. On the Wednesday we had quite strong winds and rain which continued into the night. Three blocks down from us there is a construction of office blocks. They had put scaffolding up all around the site and the wind had blown some of it onto power lines. They had to get a crane to lift it all up. So we went and had breakfast down the street. Can't go without my morning coffee.

Now onto the stitching side of things. On Wednesday my friend Margaret and I went to the Brisbane Craft Show. Margaret has never been to a Craft Show so it was a lot of fun watching her reactions to everything. Well here are some pics of what I purchased. I wanted to get some fabric to match the piece I am using for Alphabet Faries so now I have 4 colours to play around with. I took the threads and did a floss toss which had Margaret fascinated as she had never thought of doing this. The light green fabric in the picture is for a piece called A Visitor which is on the to start list. On the fabric is a really neat button that you pin onto your chest and hang your sissors from. It has the saying I love Cross Stitch on it. I just love it and it works really well. I found the Just Cross Stitch Christmas issue for only $10.20 and it was the last one left (This was only day 1). I can tell you I did not let it leave my hand..........LOL.
I also managed to get 2 Loose Feathers patterns and now need No. 29 which seem to be a little hard to come buy. I couldn't resist the Noah's Ark pattern as I collect Noah's Arks.
The other magazines Cross Stitch Collection and Handmade I got today when I went to the Newsagents for the paper. The Handmade came with a Christmas In July issue which I haven't got. Last week I saw the magazine Magic Patch and do you think I can track down a copy of it anywhere. It had lots of Patchwork Bags in it. No wonder it was snapped up. I was really sorry I didn't buy it when I saw it. I think I will get the Newsagents to keep it aside for me in future.
I really slipped on the cross stitching this week only working on 3 pieces.
Ocean's Bounty 4.10 hrs
Tocatta In Green 5.25 hrs
Sweet Dreams 1.20 hr
Total - 10.55 hrs - This week's Focus piece if Tocatta In Green. I am nearly at the 50% mark with this. I have just finished stitching one of the cluster of berries and it was slow going with all the different heights and width of cross stitching that Heritage Stitchcraft are known for.
This week a lot of time was spent trialling a new CFD Platform as CMC's new charting package is abysmal. So I am going to go with IG Markets. So this will be a week of transferring monies over so not much trading will be done. I also have to have a small medical procedure done on Thursday so I guess that will put paid to a lot of stitching.

Annette B

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Miss 376 said...

You look as if you had a great time. Hope you have a great stitching week


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