Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Changes

I haven't blogged for so long. There has been so much happening in my life. I will devote a post to it later.

I have been doing lots of stitching and have finished Green Dragonfly and she is just so beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. Her eyes are stunning and she has such a winsome look to her.

I just love Ching Chou Kuik's artwork. This is the second piece of her artwork that I have stitched. I want to do her Green Frog Elf next though I can't see myself getting to start it till much later on in the year.

I am taking part in the HAED 2009 SAL so my Quick Stitches are taking a bit of a back seat. I have Blue Pearls Mermaid that I want to try and get too this year and I also have Moonlight Mermaid kitted up to start. So much to stitch and so little time.

I have also had another small finish a Christmas Ornament called Blackwork Christmas Rose from the Just Cross Stitch Christmas magazine. I started this ages ago and decided it was time to finish it. I just have to stuff it and sew ribbons on for the hanger.

I have also finished a square for a Quilt but it needs ironing before I will take a picture.

I have also changed around my rotation . I have 3 Permanent pieces which are:
  1. Daydream Fairy - HAED 2009 SAL
  2. Leaf - HAED Full Size chart - 20 pages
  3. The Lord Giveth & the Lord Taketh Away - Gloria & Pat (this is for a charity Quilt.
Then I have a list which I rotate every 10 hrs. So far it is working out.
  1. Beatrix Letters from Nora - Nora Corbet
  2. Blue Pearls QS - HAED
  3. Dream of the Songflower Fairy - HAED
  4. Five Snowmen - Sudberry House
  5. Froggie Froggie - G D Hanner
  6. O Holy Night - Gift of Stitching - ornament
  7. Snowmen are Like Stitches - Stoney Creek -UFO
  8. Sweet Dreams - Stab & Stash
  9. Tocatta In Green - Heritage Stitchcraft
  10. White Christmas - Handmade - Embroidery
So you can see I am quite busy.


Anonymous said...

Wow-those are some stunning pieces! Beautiful work!

On your rotation, how long do you work on your focus pieces before you swap them out?

stitchinfiend said...

Hi Focus pieces stay in my rotation until finished. When they are finished especially the HAED pieces they are replaced with another HAED full sized chart.

Sally said...

Wow both your finishes are absolutely beatiful Annette!

Val said...

i dont'understand how you rotate your stitch; could you explain me?



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