Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looking Back on March and a Finish

I am really pleased with my stitching this month and have got through quite a bit.

I just snuck this finished piece into March. Those little noses were so fiddly to attach or was it just because my fingernails are so long at the moment. I kept getting the count of the crosses underneath and the Symnra crosses wrong. I was so glad to get it finished. I am going to put it into a hoop and then attach it to the hand of one of my larger soft snowman.

This is what I worked on this month.
Permanent Rotation:
Leaf -30.10
Daydreaming Fairy - 20.50

10hr Focus: (I got through a few slots this month)
Five Snowmen 5.55 hrs
Beatrix 3.55 (finished)
Froggie, Froggie - 10 hrs
Blue Pearls Mermaid - 10 hrs
Snowmen Are Like Stitches - 2.50 (finished)
January Snowdrops - 1.10 (finished)
The Lord Giveth & taketh away - 6.10 hr

Total hours 91 (10 more than last month)

Here is a picture of Five Snowmen I love the bright colours. It is really fun to watch them coming to life.

Annette B


Wendy said...

Oooh I love those snowmen, they are sooo cute!

Yvonne said...

Really cute snowmen and the words too.

Laura said...

The Snowmen are adorable! And you accomplished so much stitching. Keeping track of hours seems like a good idea.

Mich said...

What a cute bunch of snowmen that is !!!

Sally said...

What a cute snowman finish Annette! Love them!


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