Monday, March 16, 2009

Menacing Sky

I went to do a little stitching this afternoon and looked through the window and the sky was black and green. I quickly looked at the weather map and saw a band of storms coming through. They looked really angry and I thought that we were going to really cop it. Fortunately it went around us yet again. We have had so many menacing storms come through and split and go either side.

Also I would like to thank Wendy for the award she gave me for my Blog this has been my first award

Here are the 10 Blogs I nominate for this award.

Elfin Stitches
Smokey from the Netherlands
Reading and Stitching
Shari's sharings
My Embroidery
Kielrain's Stitches
Stitches with Camels
Taking Life one stitch at a Time
Quietly Stitching

Happy stitching and Blogging.

Annette B


Elfie said...

Stunning pic. We had sky like that here yesterday, and got about 10 drops of rain from it. Very disappointing!

Melissa33 said...

Awww thanks for the nomination. Our sky has been looking a lot like your picture lately even though we've only had a mere sprinkling of rain.


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