Monday, March 16, 2009

Froggie Froggie

I finished my first 10 hrs on Froggie Froggie. As you can see he is very bright. I have finished 1 eye and love it. I am doing this on 32 count Oyster Lugana. The pattern said to do it with 1 strand on 14 ct. But I feel it doesn't give enough coverage. Next up is Blue Pearls Mermaid QS © HAED. I am still on the first page of this. It was supposed to be my focus after finishing Dragonfly but as I am doing the SAL this year she won't be worked on so much.

I am extremely tired. Yesterday afternoon I sat down to stitch and stitched for about 5 minutes before giving up from exhaustion. I haven't felt like this with my FMS for sooooo long, spent the afternoon having a nap. I went to the Drs. today JUST to renew my asthma prescription and when he listened to my chest he decided to send me off for a chest X-ray. I cough a lot with allergies asthma etc and noticed it had increased slightly - well sometimes I sound like I have a smoker's cough despite never having smoked in my life. Apparently my chest is very wheezy. Maybe that is why I am sooo tired. So I came out with 3 prescriptions, blood test forms and xray form.

Well I am off to have a cat nap. We have a lot of construction going on a block away and they are extremely noisy - will be glad when they have finished digging etc.

Annette B

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