Friday, March 13, 2009


A couple of morning ago it was raining torrents and blowing quite strongly. I was sitting inside at the computer feeling quite snug and dry when I heard this beautiful melody. It continued on for quite a while and I said to Nathan 'That magpie sounds very close". He sure was there he was sitting on the balcony keeping himself out of the rain.

I had to laugh when Nathan said "I didn't think they sang like that.' They are usually known for their squarking noise and not the beautiful song we heard. I hope you enjoy the shots.
I stole this from Yo Yo's Blog and she stole it from someone else's etc etc. I thought it was a really great idea as I love to read.

Do you like to to read new authors? Ever been in the bookstore or library and you're just not sure should you pick up that book with the interesting cover; you've never read this author, what shall you do? Well, to introduce us to new books out there this is what we do. Go get your current reading material. Let the book fall open to any random page, whether you've actually read that far or not doesn't matter. Now count down 7 or 8 or 9 lines and give us a snippet from your book. You have to give the book title and the authors' name. Oh, it can be any snippet at all, but please don't give away the whole book, it's a teaser-- not a spoiler.

So here is my teaser. It is from the book "Roaring of the Lamb" by Jack Lange

"Madeline put her arm around Alice as she sat next to her. "Alice, the Bible says that we shouldn't try to talk to the dead. It says there's only one go-between us and God, and that's Jesus. He's the one to talk to. The devil tells lies through dead people who come to us--they're not real at all. That wasn't your grandma- that was an evil angel pretending to be her."

Annette B


Wendy said...

Hi Annette,

This is a very beautiful picture of the bird.
I have an award for you. Go take a look at my blog for it please.

Take care,

Yoyo said...

My Teaser: Orson Scott Card, Enchantment, ...... "Esther had never been much for reading, especially in English, a language which could not be spelled correctly even if you managed to remember that when you see R it means P and no (Cryillic R), and P means II and B means 6, and C sometimes means K, and never mind about Y and H and N. Hopeless.


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