Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Book and some mail

When the mail came yesterday there was a package from the US. I couldn't remember ordering anything and was a little puzzled until I saw the sender. When I finished Greendragonfly I received an email from Ching Chou asking me to go to her ebay store and pick out a 4 x 7 picture. It was such a hard choice to make but I finally settled on Kimono Beauty. She is just stunning and I can't wait to have her framed. I just love the colours and the kingfisher to the side is so beautiful. Ching Chou is such a generous woman and I love her artwork. The colours are so bright and beautiful. This is her second print that I have.

I have just finished reading " La Prisonniere" by Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi. This is an remarkable story of Malika Oufkir and her family who were prisonersf or 19 years in appaling conditions in a Morocco desert jail.

Malika grew up in the household of the King of Morocco but when her father was arrested in 1972 and executed after an attempt to asssssinate the King she and her family were goaled .

They managed a miraculous escape and the western world was alerted to their plight. It is incredible that they survived the ordeal at all. Malika was 19 years old and her youngest brother was only 2 0r 3.

What I find hard is that this happened so recently and the world never knew of their plight.

I am so lucky to live in a country where there is freedom of choice. Such a sad story - I found I couldn't put it down.

Annette B


maegwin4 said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. This is my first HAED . I really like it,but I hadn't realized a QS was a part of a bigger design.My first purchase is probably going to be the full Citrine.
You do some really nice work. Your dragonfly looks great. Congrats on the art from the designer-how thrilling for you.

Wendy said...

That sure is a lovely picture. It will look nice when framed!

Sally said...

You chose a lovely print Annette. I've just got my first Ching Chou QS through the HAED reward program and would love to stitch it soon.

Lynn B said...

Oh Annette I love this pattern, I have one of Ching Chou's works of art waiting in my stash!
You have some lovelty finishes.


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