Monday, March 9, 2009


I was sitting at the computer fiddling around when DS said wow look at the reflection of the sunset. I quickly raced outside with the camera and it was an amazing sunset.
I just stood there reflecting on what an amazing God I serve. His creations never cease to amaze me with their beauty and intricacies.

It was as if the sky was on fire there was just so many colours in that sunset.

I have been really tired after our Ladies Pamper Night. The room was done up so beautifully with white tablecloth with buckets of roses. We had stations for foot massages, hair straightening & curling, eyelash tinting, facials, make-up and underwear.

I ran the Circle of Friends programe which is are just starting in our church. With this programe you sign up for 2 months and get assigned someone to befriend and get to know better. We got 16 sign ups so I was really pleased with this number for our first programe.
A you can see the table was groaning with food. I was so busy I didn't get to eat any of it and that it the truth.....LOL.

This is me in the green with our first ladies for the Frienship Circle. As you can see in the background Ocean's Bounty. I took a couple of my HAED's to hang on the walls and there were lots of questions asked about my stitching.

I didn't get home till 11pm and couldn't sleep as the brain was buzzing from everything. We had to put the hall back to its original state as another church hold their services in the hall Sunday morning. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel a little less tired.
Annette B

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Wendy said...

Your ladies pamper night looks so fun! Mmmm and the food really looks so good! I can imagine you were very tired!

Love the first picture from the sunset!


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