Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Christmas Ornament

Just a quick note before I get into stitching matters.

DH's wrist is still not better and he is having a MRI done on it before he goes to the surgeon next week.

Also DD & her partner are travelling somewhere in South America and I am worried sick about them and this Swine Flu. They are heading to Chile at the moment and are not due in Mexico until late July. I haven't heard from them for a few days now and the last email I had she had been sick with a sore throat etc. She tends to get colds easily. I am praying that God will keep them safe.

This was my extra stitch piece for the week. It is a quick and easy ornament. I love the colours on the fabric which is Belfast Linen 32 count - Dutch Blue. I am giving this ornament away. We are doing a Friendship Circle with the women of our church and I decided to stitch this for my partner.

Well it is the last day of April here in Aust. and I am not going to quite meet my goals for Leaf and Daydreaming Fairy QS. But I am okay with that.

My next surprise stitch is a new start called "Butterfly Ball". It is a gorgeous Alphabet with Butterflies all around it. It is from the Cross Stitcher's Club. I took out a subscription earlier on in the year and decided that as I have all these patterns I should at least stitch some of them. This pattern has the most beautiful colours in it and I am not sure yet whether to do it on a plain piece or a hand dyed. Will have to do a floss toss.

I have spent this morning filling in all the work sheets for my stitching for the month of April and today I will be just working on Daydreaming Fairy and maybe Leaf will post my times on the week-end. I don't think they are going to be as much as last week.

I am a big fan of HAED and they have a wonderful rewards programe going until someone decided to abuse the system and try to scam a free pattern by sending in a photo of the front page of a pattern - what were they even thinking it didn't even look stitching. Then to top it off another woman stole a picture of someone's finished piece from Facebook and didn't even bother trying to alter the picture at all. You could clearly see they were the same piece. That is why I label all my stitching. How low can people get. I am really saddened to see this happening but to tell the truth I expected this to happen somewhere along the line. What is this world coming too?


PaulineD said...

Hope your DD stays safe- very scary time for you, and that your DH's wrist is 'fixed' soon.

Kim D Messick said...

I really hope DH & DD get well soon!

Sad also to hear about people abusing the HAED rewards program. Geeze! :(

Yvonne said...

Hope everything goes well for your DH and DD. I also hope she will get in contact with you asap.

Looking forward to see your Leaf as that is one of my absoloute favourites.

A BIG thank you for giving the instructions on the HAED BB, how to put the name on our works. I've tried it out and it worked. I am totally disguested that people have to steal other people's work just to get a free chart!


dianemi said...

Saying a prayer for your DD and hope that your DH feels better very soon. I really like your ornie and I *love* watching your progress on Leaf. It's simply beautiful.

Mel in Dubai said...

I'm disappointed about the abuse of the HAED Reward Program too. Sheesh!

Hope you hear from DD soon and that she is okay, and your DH's wrist is better soon.

Looking forward to seeing your progress on Leaf and Daydreaming Fairy!

Sally said...

I hope you've heard from your DD now and that she is OK.

Your ornament is lovely.

I can't believe that people would stoop so low either and think they can get away with it!

Yoyo said...

Love the ornie!!

Gayathri said...

Beautiful ornament!!

photoshop restoration and retouching

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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