Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Butterfly Ball

I decided to so a snowflake theme this month as the weather here in Aust is getting cooler.
The sweetest sound in the world was my DD's voice on the phone. They are both well. They have been kept up todate with what is happening with the Swine Flu and they are in the process of trying to change a few dates with the Airlines so that they pushed back a further 2 weeks. They are in Chile at the moment.

Here are my main Focus pieces for the month of April. Leaf - again I didn't quite get the half page done. Daydreaming Fairy - well I think I WAS dreaming to think I could finish off page 2. It will get it finished in May and hopefully Page 3 will be started. I am really pleased with how these main two pieces are turning out. When Page 9 is finished of Leaf I will have met my yearly goal. Yippee.

Here are April's Stitching times (not quite as good as last month)
Sweet Dreams - 10.55 hrs
Tocatta In Green - 1.50 (finished)
White Christmas - 6
Roosters - 1.30 (started)
Blue Pearls Mermaid - 6.30
Froggie Froggie - 2.25
O Holy Night - 5.50 (started)
The Lord Giveth - 3.30
Leaf 21.25
Day Dreaming 21.40
Total = 81.35

Here is my New start Butterfly Ball. I had to do a bit of frogging. I discovered that Shanghai Linen is approx 40 count. I started stitching with 2 strands and decided it was too bulky and looked aweful so I frogged and am now using only 1 strand.

Also after the episode with people stealing images of other people's work I have decided to also initial my work in places that make it impossible to crop without it being noticable.


Yvonne said...

I love the theme on your blog. I did notice a difference when I arrived at your blog.

Relieved to hear that you received a call from your DD and everything is ok. I remember how worried you were at your last post.

Daydreaming Fairy is looking really nice. It is just like Leaf. When I first saw these 2 charts, they were just like Okay for me but when I see your wips on them, they are simply gorgeous!!

The butterfly looks lovely. I am a butterfly lover. You are right about having to initial our work to prevent others from stealing and thank you so much again for posting the instructions on the HAED BB.

Nancy said...

Annette, so glad to hear that your DD is okay.

Your Daydreaming Fairy and Leaf are coming along great! I'm afraid I'm working on page one and two of my Daydreaming Fairy at the same time. lol I was SO bored with the background I had to start on her face. Hoping to work on it this evening and also this weekend with the SAL at the HAED bb.

The butterfly is SO cute!! Glad to see so many of us putting names and such on our work now. No one can take them. :0)


Yoyo said...

Good to hear your DD is on top of things and taking care to stay out of the way of the flu. DF is really looking good. I hear you complaining that she is not going fast enough and you're moving along twice as fast as I am...I think we are never satisfied with ourselves. Love the butterfly, I finished a small piece over 40 once in 2 strands, the only reason it wasn't awful was because it was supposed to be rustic, 1 one is so much better. Ok, I'm behind what image stealing?? I hate ruining my pics with signatures, but I guess if we need to ......

Chiloe said...

I thought too: why is there snowflakes here ? lol Now I understand ;-)

Your progresses are amazing and I love your sweet buterfly. 1/1 sure makes it looks better ;-)

By the way, how do you manage to have picture on your blog list? I have one too but don't know how to add the little picture with the list. It's cute to see my snowman there ( he even looks great on a small picture !!! lol )

Chrizette said...

Hi - new reader to your blog. Just love it here. I didn't know that there is people stealing images? Goodness, whatever for? How do you make a signature in your picture?

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.


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