Monday, April 6, 2009

Two WIP's

I am back from a fantastic week-end. We went to Brisbane to hear Pastor Alden Ho who is from the USA. He is such a wonderful speaker and so inspiring.The week-end was called "It's Time to Revive". We stayed over night on Friday at a motel with friends. It poured rain on the way home which was pretty scary. I am so sick of the rain I just wish it would go away.

DS and his wife flew out on Saturday to Thailand for 2 weeks. So I now have 2 of my children overseas. I had an email from DD this morning and the camera they brought especially to take underwater pics leaked and now she has a black screen. So we have to dig out the warranty and see what we have to do with it. They are going to have to buy themselves another camera as they are heading out to do the Muchu pichu - Inca trail next week.

This WIP is called "The Lord Giveth & the Lord Taketh Away". When DH saw it he said "She look's so said." There is a reason why she is so sad which the picture will reveal as I stitch it. She is such a little cutie.

The second is Froggie Froggie. I have decided to give this one away. Our Pastor and his wife have 3 gorgeous little boys who love frogs. I collect frogs and when they first came around they made a bee-line straight for my frogs. I just love the bright colours of this piece.

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