Monday, June 1, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

Here is my jar. It has a lot of nice blue thread in it from Crabby Crush. There is also a bobbin of Krinek 032 which I finished. I need to squash it down a little too.

I have a new start Crabby Crush QS - HAED. Artwork Hannah Disney. It has such beautiful bright colours in it. Will try and post a picture later on in the week. Also started Cassandra © Nora Corbet

I still have DH home with his wrist immobilised. This week he is going to start 3 hrs 2 days a week .

Also DD rang from Easter Island to say that her boyfriend popped the question and she is now engaged. They are not going to get married until she comes home which is going to be 2011/2012. Lots of time to plan and lose weight.

Also here are the times for May 09 not a good as last month.

Cassandra - 1.40
Dream of the Songflower Fairy - 4.20
Roosters - 8.30
Butterfly Ball - 6.25
O Holy Night - 2.40
Leaf - 17.40
Day Dreaming QS - 11.45
Crabby Crush QS - 7.55

Total : 60.55

I have also changed my rotation around. I wondered how long it would take me to feel overwhealmed by it. What I have done is used the Random Researcher to pick 5 out of the list and work on those for 10 hrs. If they have more than 1 page I used the Random Researcher also to decided how many pages to stitch before changing it out for another piece. If it only has 1 page then it will stay in the Rotation until finished.

So here is the new Rotation:
Dream of the Songflower Fairy - stitch 4 pages
Five Snowmen - stitch till finished
Sweet Dreams - Stitch 5 pages
Roosters - Stitch till finished
Blue Pearls - stitch 7 pages.

I am still keeping my little extra stitches happening too. I feel much better doing this.


Suzie said...

It's good that you changed your rotation to better fit your schedule. Whatever it is that you are working on, it should be enjoyable for you, not stressful! There is nothing wrong with setting a project aside for awhile. The joy that you feel when stitching, shows in the finished product, and we all want our finishes to GLOW, don't we? lol

Your stitching continues to be lovely, as usual! I'm enjoying your updates!!

Oh, and your TUSAL Jar is looking VERY colorful! Well done!! lol

PaulineD said...

That's quite a stitching achievement for May! I'm starting to think rotation may be the way to go, it seems to be working well for you. Your TUSAL is looking gorgeous too!

Cindy F. said...

Hey Annette! Hope you're doing well....this is the fastest way I could think of reaching you:)

Just wanted you to know, I know why your posts seem to be disappearing on the HAED blog:) We had you set up under Annette and Stitchinfiend.
Now, everything is under Stitchinfiend and your pattern names.
(When you post, it shows Stitchinfiend, even if you label as Annette. So if you'll label Stitchinfiend instead of'll have you in one place:) Thanks and can't wait to see your next post! Hope you're doing well!!!


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