Friday, November 13, 2009

2 New Starts

I am loving stitching Frappichino. I won this chart as a PIF from the 123 Board. I just love how it looks on the fabric I chose. It doesen't really show the true colour. It was a little piece that I had from Silkweaver FOTM Club and it was just perfect. There should be just enough fabric to do either Cappichino or Latte on it too. The silks are really fun to work with but I cut myself on the thumb and it is still healing and the silk manages to catch on it lots.

The other new start that I have is The Library - Little House of Needlework and thanks to my wonderful friend Kim in sending me the fabric it looks perfect. I haven't done much but am loving stitching it. It is a real change from my usual over 1. I have also made good progress on Leaf and have now finished Page 12. I am going to post a pic on the HAED SAL Blog. Only 8 pages to go now. It is going to be tough keeping focused.

I am so excited as I won the giveaway on Riona's Blog for the Sue Hillis Santa charts. I never win anything and the last month I have won 3 things. So lots of stitching ahead of me. I am so thrilled as after seeing Sue Hillis' yearly Santas I was thinking of stitching them all so now I can get started.

I have had a wonderful week and God has really blessed me in so many ways. Next week will be really hetic as DH is scheduled to have surgery on his arm and DS has an infection on his leg. Till next time God bless and keep you all.

Annette B

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Carin said...

They are already beautiful !


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