Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Close Up of Crabby Crush QS

Here she is in all her firery red hair. I love the richess of this piece. She stitches up fairly fast too. After finishing Page 3 I am going to have a break and start something else - keep tuned to see which one.

I have decided to alter my rotation a bit and have 2 main pieces and do 20 hours each so that I get to see a little more progress on them. I have done about 65% of Roosters so will finish off this and the other one is a UFO of Hummingbirds - just can't remember the name of it at the moment. It is a Dimensions Gold Kit. I have nearly finished off 20hrs on Roosters so when I start the Hummingbird I will post a pic.

I also decided for this month to keep a total of how many hrs a day I stitch just for fun. Yesterday I managed 5 hrs. Today will not be near that much as I can't seem to settle to anything today. I feel very restless.

Annette B

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