Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Snowmen and a Birthday

Firstly  DS # 2 turned 29 this last week. It was a wonderful celebration for the special child that God gave us. You see he has cerebal palsy but he never complains about his lot in life and the pain that he put up with in his ankles after walking or standing.for any length of time. He has taught our family so much about love and patience.  It is a joy to see how he has given his heart to the Lord and is working for the Lord in the media industry.  We will never know how many peoples lives he has reached until we reach the Kingdom of Heaven.  We love you our special Child. Happy Birthday

Five snowmen © Sudberry House.  This is such a fun stitch and seems to be stitching up fairly quickly. As the pattern name says there are 5 snowmen.  It is being stitched on 28ct linen.   Snowmen seem to be the flavour of the moment in this house.  Just thinking about them makes me feel cooler.

I had an email from DD the minute is started snowing in London.  She was so excited - she said she was running around with the schoolkids - this is the first time she has seen snow falling.

I had a little finish today and this was also one of Decembers goals.

Handstand Santa
Designer: Cross Stitch Card Shop
Threads: DMC threads
Fabric: 28ct handyed evenweave
Time: 10hr 20 mins

This is No. 5 in a series called Fun Santas from Cross Stitch Card Shop.  I am one more to stitch and then I will make them up.  They are such funky Santas.

We are finally getting some rain.  Yaaaahhhhh.  Yesterday we had our yearly Christmas service at Church.  I only got to see about half of it as I was on the welcoming team.  I love the kids who played the Nativity scene and the wise men with their camel.  They were so cute.  Then we had a big luncheon where the tables were laden with food. It was a special day spent celebrating the birth of Jesus who came to earth as a baby and gave his life so that I might have eternal life.  What an awesome God we serve.

Annette B


Ingrid said...

Hi Annette, you snowmen look really great, here we are also preparing for Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas and a very
happy 2010 full of stitch fun! (sorry but my english is not so good)
hugs Ingrid

Parsley said...

Oh my goodness!! So cute. I LOVE your snowpeople!!!!

Carol said...

Wishing your dear son a very Happy Birthday--it still amazes me to have children approaching the age of 30 (my oldest is 27)! Where did the years go?

Hope the snowmen continue to help you feel cooler, Annette. Or I could send you some photos of our snow--it is like a winter wonderland outside right now and I'm loving it!

Yvonne said...

Happy Belated to DS#2. You should be very proud to have such a determined and strong man like him.

I love how your snowmen look on the blue fabric.

Handstand Santa is so cute and he actually made me smile when I saw him.

Elfie said...

I'm coming back - those snowmen are magic! They made me instantly feel refreshed and cooler.

Karen said...

Love your snowmen and the santa!!! Can't wait to see him finished.

Hope you have a very merry Christmas.

Mich said...

2 lovely works, both the Santa-up-side-down, and the 2 cuties in the snow.

Babs said...

That snowmen is so lovely :p

Hazel said...

Some adorable wips going on here! Yes the snow in the UK has been quite bad the last couple of days. Very wintry and Christmassy - love it. x

CindyMae said...

Happy birthday to your son! I pray that he has many many more! Your stitching looks fabulous! Thank you for following my blog and I am now following yours too!

Shari said...

happy birthday to your son. Our oldest will be 29 in March. Wow, where have the years gone?
Your snowmen are adorable! Love them!!!!!
Your special church service sounds wonderful! Tis truly the REASON FOR THE SEASON! Merry Christmas & God Bless!

Karyn said...

I just love your blog....soooo much :) Your stitching is amazing....ok I'm done gushing...but it is sooo true.
Happy Birthday to you guy...I won;t complain about my baby turning 18 :) The nest will empty come September, where did the time go?

May the Bless you and keep you during this most wonderful season, and I am so very blessed to be your blog friend :)


Dani - tkdchick said...

Cute pieces!


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