Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snowmen Gathering

Snowmen Gathering  © Imaginating
This was a new start last week and I just love how fast it is stitching up.  I decided to stitch in on a really dark purple linen and it looks so beautiful.  I am stitching it with 2 strands and 1 strand for backstitching.  I tried the 2 for backstitching as suggested on the pattern but made it look too chuncky.  I like the really delicate look the 1 gives.


This is how far I have stitched on The Library © LHN and once again I am so pleased with how this is looking on this fabric.  The photos don't do them justice 

The weather here the last couple of days has been quite hot and very muggy and oppressive.  It is playing havoc with my asthma and I am constantly wheezing and tired.  Last night we had a Ladies night out with some of the church ladies and coming home I was pulled up for a Random Breath Test. Note:- I don't drink alcohol and I haven't been pulled over for a breath test in years.
The policemen pushes the thing at me and I kindly ask him "Where do I blow".

He said " Just count to ten."

I reply "No seriously, where do I blow." Meanwhile all the girls in the back are killing themselves laughing.

He said "JUST COUNT TO TEN".  I am still thinking maybe he wants to see if I can talk without slurring my words.    After I had counted to ten he then explained that the machine reads my breath........LOL.  As I knew it would it read O.   We couldn't stop laughing all the way home.  Next time I will know better.

 Till next time may God bless you all and keep you safe during the Christmas Season.

Annette B


Wendy said...

Your snowmen gathering looks very nice already! Great new start. Can't wait to see your progress on this one.

Also your other stitching is great.

Elfie said...

Both the WIPs look lovely. Those linens do look very pretty, even in the pic.

It's so long since I had a RBT (?1970s?) that I'd be in the same boat as you - I didn't know about counting either.

Carol said...

Too funny about your alcohol breath test! I am not a drinker either (well, maybe a glass of wine two or three times a year) so I would have no idea what was going on!

Your snowman and library WIPs are looking lovely. What fabric are you using for The Library, Annette? I bought the chart last month, but still don't have my fabric. Being a librarian that is a "must stitch" for me!

stitchinfiend said...

Carol I am using Sugar Cane Crush 32ct evenweave. The fabric is from Stitches & Spice.

Tricia said...

I love your WIP's and your story! TFS!!

Parsley said...

Oh, I love your stitching! I'm new to cross stitch so I like popping over to see how mine is supposed to look.

Hope your asthma gets better. It's cold air here that gets my family wheezing.

I've never been pulled over for a breath test and I don't drink either. I don't think I would have understood.

Have a blessed week.

Hazel said...

Funny story! I'm not a big drinker except at this time of year when I am partial to a bit of Baileys Irish Cream! Love your wips. Great stitching. x

Angela P said...

I'm not a drinker either and always the designated driver and even I didn't know that too! Love the snowman on the purple fabric and Library looks wonderful, I have this chart in my stash as well!

Ingrid said...

Both the Wip's looks great !I look forward to your progress!


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