Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sweet Nectar

Well I have survived the first 3 days of the year and here it is Sunday the 3rd and time to update and post my wasted time for the last 2 days.  I have also set up a seperate Blog called Heads Up For 2010 to document my HAED stitching for the year.  I am hoping to make it up into a journal next year.  So go and have a look and leave a comment.  I love all your comments and thank you all for your kind words.

I am so pleased with how this is stitching up although I discovered that when I subbed out the material of the kit from an 18 ct aida that I used a  28 ct linen - so now I am a little worried that I am going to run out of thread.  So I am using a pin start and using each thread until I can barely get the needle through the material.

I worked on Love Never Fails and will post a pic later. I have only a couple of saying to embroider before I can start putting it together.

So without further ado here are my wasted times for the last couple of days.

Sweet Nectar -  47 minutes to be precise
Love Never Fails - 2 hrs
Crabby Crush QS -1 hr
Total Time wasted: - 3.47

Till next time God bless.

Annette B


Babs said...

Don't see stitching as wasted time, it's a lovely hobby where you create nice things with ;-)

Karyn said...

Annette...I agree with Babs :)I think you should look at stitching as a reward and creative outlet, and you spent the past couple days creating and rewarding yourself, how better to start the new year :)

Your WIP is gorgeous, I would be very pleased with it too. Your blog always makes me smile and feel blessed.

Hugs kiddo

Chars said...

Stitching is never a waste of time - look at those fabulous heirlooms that are created! Stitching has also been proven to relieve aniexity and stress and can keep dementia at bay.

Shari said...

sweet nectar is beautiful! I sure hope you don't run out of thread. That would be awful.
I don't keep track of my stitching time. I would hate to think about how much time I 'wasted' today!!! I have stitched much of the day!

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a waste of time, I applaud your frugalness to enable you to finish it!

Yvonne said...

Love love this Sweet Nectar. I really love your neatness when it comes to organising.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to "waste time". It's a lot better than just watching tv in the evenings and doing nothing with your hands. I hope we can find a little more time to "waste".

Sweet Nectar is ever so lovely!

Wendy said...

I recently found your blog, and I really like it !
you have done some amazing works, and Sweet Nectar is coming along really nice !
I do not like working on Aida either.
if you want / need it, I have got a great conversion tabel for converting Dimensions numbers to DMC.
if you need it, just holler !

Ingrid said...

Stitching helps you through difficult times and is certainly not a waste! You make really beautiful things!

Babs said...

On another note, I like those progression things you have at the side. Where do you got them from please?

Carol said...

I've always admired this design, Annette--the colors in it are so amazing! Hope your thread holds out for you :)

mbroider said...

I can understand you want to note the time spent!! My husband is quiet ATM, but there is risk i tell you, LOL. For the one who is stitching, it is cherished time:)

Love the Sweet Nectar pic. Thanks for stopping by too:)

Beatrice said...

Wow that is a stunning piece!! the hummingbird it soooo sweet!
I'm going to go look at the HAED blog now.

Tracy J said...

A beautiful wip!


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