Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet Nectar

Forgot to add the first time that I have also updated HEAD's UP for 2010 with Leaf and Crabby Crush.

I have been working on Sweet Nectar for a SAL and thought I would post a picture of how this is looking.  There is a lot of 1/2 stitches and so it makes the stitching go fast.  I am coming up to areas though that are full stitches. This week should see me finish off another 10 rows. I will do a little backstitching so that it is not so overwhealming at the end.

I am going to change my background for this week as on the 28th I celebrate a birthday.  For those who want to know just how old I am, all I am say is "I'm 49.95 plus GST"  LOL.

This week on the 26th we also celebrate Australia Day.  When I got the Sunday Mail this morning it came with a free Aussie  hat which I wore when I got home.   They all laughed at me.  I can't understand why...LOL.

Friday night the Blueberry Friand Slice was enjoyed by everyone and they fought over the White Choc and Macad Slice.   I am thinking I might make another one today along with a Chocolate cherry Slice.  Am feeling a little lazy though and not moviated.

Here are my wasted times this week - not as good as last week - see all that cooking cut into my stitching time and what do I have to show for it except a few extra kilos on the hips.....grin.

  1. Leaf -           13.21
  2. Fallen Santa - 2.26
  3. Julia Flynn (Dear Diary) - 1.21 (This is a new start and will post a pic later)
  4. Sweet Nectar - 2.48
  5. Crabby Crush 2.26
Total =           22.22
Yearly total = 79.42

Hope everyone is enjoying their week-end and till next time God Bless.

Annette B


Anonymous said...

You know, I just love Sweet Nectar and look forward to your progress photos. :o)

Chars said...

Sweet nectar is such a pretty piece - its progressing nicely :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Nectar is looking good! Go the time wasting! LOL

Carolyn NC said...

So pretty!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Just found your blog - from your post on mine :) Your stitching is beautiful, I really like Sweet Nectar.

I agree cooking does eat (joke) into stitching time.

Melanie said...

Sweet Nectar is coming along beautifully, it looks really delicate. As for your cooking it looked devine, I'm sure I put on a couple of pounds imagining eating it. LOL.

Wendy said...

Oooh wow!! Annette this really is gorgeous! That is a nice work.

Carol said...

Yay, another January birthday! I'll bet yours will be a lot warmer than mine was last week, though :)

Sweet Nectar is spectacular--I love it!

Wishing you a wonderful day on the 28th, Annette...

Bette said...

Your hummingbird looks real. It's gorgeous! Your goodies sound really tempting!

Yvonne said...

Sweet Nectar is so beautiful! Thank you so much for the cheese cake recipe :0)) I hope you have a great birthday on the 28th.

Ohhhhhh!! Another cake again? Chocolate Cherry Slice sounds really deadly tempting! I want to see a picture of it soon if you are not too lazy to make it, lol!

Blu said...

Sweet Nectar looks beautiful!

Mylene said...

Sweet Nectar is shaping up nicely!

Mich said...

Love the work you are making, it looks so fine with beautiful colours. Have fun stitching it.

Fidget said...

Happy birthday from another TUSALer! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sweet Nectar is awesome. Love the little hummers. What is the title of the WIP with the red eyed frog? Is it available commercially? I've got a pal that would love that!

Jayne said...

I see what you mean about you Jar for the TUSAL mine is actually an old coffee jar.You asked who my sampler was by,it is called Animal Patchwork Sampler by the Historical Sampler Company, here is their website

Elaine said...

Sweet nectar is another beautiful piece you are stitching Annette.
Happy Australia Day!


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