Friday, January 22, 2010

TUSAL January

I am a little late with this posting for the TUSAL.  I wasn't sure whether I would do this again this year as I got a little slack at posting last year. I finally made up my mine a couple of days ago.  I pulled out a bigger jar and it has the same see through lid as last years.   I was sitting contemplating the jar last night and decided to decorate it with some stickers this year to add a bit of interest and then this morning when I was doing Blog Patrol I discovered that Karyn The Teakettle Corner  has decorated her's too, so pop over and have a look at it Great minds think alike hehehehe. So without further ado I present for your enjoyment  Miss P-ORT-able.

Last year's lid I filled with floss and this year I thought I would fill it with floss labels and maybe needles. I have been going through a few needles already this year - One lost who know's where.

My family thinks I am feeling a little off - all that cooking etc.It goes in spurts around this house.  I will cook furiously and then they will have a drought so to speak.  I just tell them to enjoy it while it happens.   We are going out to a BBQ with friends and so I made another White Chocolate Macadamia Slice (3 in one week)
Because I have a fussy family I love it when we go out somewhere as it is an excuse to cook something that I LIKE and they don't so I made a Blueberry Friand Slice and it is as yummy as it looks.
I am loving playing with the photos in photoscape.   We have a busy week-end coming up with lots of time enjoying friends company.  Till next time try not to drool too much - Hugs and God Bless.

Annette B


Blu said...

Very pretty jar.

And it's far too late. I'm already drooling...

Chars said...

Your decorated jar looks so pretty :)

Drooling - I am craving something homemade and sugary now :) LOL

Anonymous said...

Ha! I happened to join the TUSAL this year as well. I've ummed and ahhed long enough. May as well just join. It's not exactly hard to do. LOL!

Your cooking episodes sound exactly like mine. I will cook and cook for a few weeks and then I'm over it for a while. LOL! I still think about it a lot though. I'm really loving all the cooking shows on TV at of late. My family is also picky and they're also unadventurous. (sigh) I love to 'take a plate' when we go out somewhere.

Shari said...

the tusal jar is pretty. Does that stand for something? I know I have seen it on a few blogs, but it is new to me!!!
I do like you! Bake in streaks. Right now, no baking going on. I have gained too much weight & need to get rid of it!

Yvonne said...

I've seen quite some bloggers having jars to store their floss. Love yours.

I took have time when I just keep on baking but I am not like you as mine don't turn out well most of the time, lol!!

Your friends are really lucky to have you who can make delicious cakes. Yummy!

Elaine said...

Love you jar and your baking looks yummy!

Meari said...

I love your ORT jar!

Cole said...

Miss P-ORT-able is so pretty!! Love your jar :)

Jules said...

I can appreciate the loss of a needle and not knowing where it went. I have lost a few needles and (as I do most of my stitching in my bed) have found them days later tucked nicely in the bed linens or blankets. I have also lost them inside pillows (which I wound up throwing away as I would not want to wake up with a needle stuck in my head - LOL). Anyway, the lost needle will eventually show up!


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