Sunday, January 2, 2011


I worked a little on Cassandra this last week.  I am pretty sure I am going to run out of the colour Deep Fennel.  There is not much left to stitch so I am hoping to finish this off this week maybe?????
There is still a little bit of beading to do.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that 2011 is a good one.  Well it has to be as DD is coming home and I can't wait.

Last night we went out with friends to the local Gourmet Pizza and Pasta restaurant.  The pizza's were yummy and the staff very very good.  It is always nice to enjoy a great meal with friends.

Last night vandals graffiti ed the front wall of our church.  I can't understand why some people have no respect for other's  property.

It has been hot and muggy all day so will be going for a swim later on.  Take care everyone. 

Nearly forgot to add I will be adding up my stitching times for the year 2010  - even I have no idea who much they are.
Annette B


valerie said...

Beautiful progress on Cassandra. One skein of Deep Fennel should be more than enough if you started off with a full skein. I think the only color that needed 2 skiens was for the fill-in. Happy New Year!

shakatak66 said...

Cassandra is coming along beautifully - fingers crossed you have enough thread to finish it! :)

Scully236 said...

She is looking absolutely beautiful.

natalyK said...

Beautiful progress! I love the colors of this one.

Blu said...

Cassandra looks gorgeous!

Elfie said...

Cassandra is wonderful.

It's a shame about the graffiti - I really dislike graffiti, but it seems to be coming more of a problem all over the place.


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