Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sorta Finish

 I have updated my HAED blog too, so go and check it out.

I guess technically I cannot call Deirdre a finish as I ran out of beads - I need another 8 would you believe.  I have ordered a pack from 123 stitch.

The fabric is much brighter than that too.

I love how she has turned out.

 My next start is Bird of Paradise Stilletto on a pale green 28 ct evenweave.  I am going to be stitching this over 1.

Here is my wrap up for January 2011.

I stitched 73.40hrs.

Terra - HAED SAL
Please My Wings - SAL with friend
Sweet Christmas
Snow Globe

Cassandra - Letters from Nora
Sweet Christmas - christmas orn
Snowmen Gathering
Finished Snow Globe

Aquired 2 Aust. craft magazines which came with 3 back issues that I didn't have. 5 HEAD patterns, one a gift and one from birthday Club and 3 from the Rewards program.

I have to be pleased with that.

Have a stitchy week.

Annette B


Terri said...

Beautiful work Annette

Deborah said...

She is gorgeous, even without those 8 beads. LOL

mbroider said...

Congrats Annette, i will ignore those 8 beads and consider it a finish!!

Mylene said...

A lovely finish, Annette.

Carol said...

I'm not usually much of a fairy lover, Annette, but she is absolutely gorgeous. One of the prettiest I've seen :)

natalyK said...

Love this one! You stitched it beautifully as always.

Carolyn NC said...

Still a finish :)- it's beautiful!

Zoe said...

So pretty- I hate it when you get sooo close and then run out of materials. It will be fast work when you get the beads though- good luck.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, even without the sparklies!


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