Monday, February 14, 2011

A Delft Snowman

There is not a lot to post about this week.   I did start Bird of Paradise Stiletto but not worth posting a picture of it as it was mainly gridding.  I have mainly worked on my HAED's this week and you can see the beautiful progress here

I couldn't resist a picture of the cute snowman my DD sent me.  She bought it when she went to Holland.  It is so beautiful.   Have a very stitchy week everyone.


Ma Teakettle said...

I love Delft fact I have a small house collection that a dear friend from Holland gave to me, and I treasure it.
Oh my dear, your Haed is beyond gorgeous...I am awed by your progress! I just adore the colors. I always feel like a babe in the woods when I see the HAED that you stitch, just gorgeous, Annette.

Carolyn NC said...

Cute snowman and great progress on your stitching!


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