Monday, March 7, 2011

Bird of Paradise Stilleto

 I have updated my HAED Blog too.

I started this one and just love stitching on it.  I am stitching it over 1 on 28 ct fabric.  It is a very light Blue which doesn't show up real well. I am waiting for some threads to come from 123 to fill in some of the gaps.  Hopefully it will be here today.

DH is going to have surgery on his wrist tomorrow, so it will be an early start to the day for us.  I hope that they can finally fix it so that he is not getting so much pain.

 These were the most amazing clouds that I have seen they were like big puff of cotton wool and the whole sky was full of them all day.  It was incredible to see them.

 Here is a picture of a beautiful rainbow from last week, it was a double rainbow but it didn't show up when I took the photo.

What a wonderful world God made for us to live in.  It never ceased to amaze me when I see his handiwork everywhere.

God Bless

  Annette B


mbroider said...

You are right Annette. God has given us a wonderful world to live in. I loved the pic of the clouds, thanks for sharing!

Hope your husband's wrist gives him lesser and lesser pain.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Bird of Paradise Stiletto is coming up beautifully!

Clouds like the ones in your picture are just so tranquil to look at and reminds me how beautiful our world really is.

Hugs for today, hope everything went well and wishes for a speedy recovery.

Carolyn NC said...

Clouds are just stunning and so is the rainbow! BOPS is looking good!

Shari said...

wow, the cloud picture should be a piece of stitching it!!!
Also love the rainbow....I still love seeing a rainbow....such an awesome reminder that God is still in control!

Kerry said...

I just popped in a visited your blog hope you will stop by and take a peek at mine.
Happy Stitching!


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