Monday, March 21, 2011


Bird of Paradise Stilleto
 I have also updated my HAED Blog.

I can't believe how beautiful this is turning out.  I am hoping to finish her this week.  I must say though, I would hate to be in a crowd standing next to someone who was wearing these shoes,  that point looks deadly.

I am so excited my DS & DIL are moving to within an 1 1/2 hrs of us.  They will be here early in April.

Each day also brings my DD closer to coming to coming home. I can't wait to see her face to face.

Till next time.
Annette B


Pam said...

Anette, I didn't know this was your blog! It's Pam from The Stitchalong!! As I've saud before, I love the piece that you're doing. The colors are vibrant and so alive. Have a good day!

Ma Teakettle said...

Your HAED is gorgeous, Annette, I am constantly in awe of how beautiful and intricate they all are.
I am so excited that your DS & DIL are moving closer, and that each day brings DD closer to home, as I know it hasn't been easy...please keep us all posted!
Have a great day.

Shari said...

looking great!!!!!
And woohoo about family moving closer & another coming home!!!


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