Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All Thumbs

Have you ever had a stitching day where you had two thumbs? Well yesterday was that day.

I worked on Some Kind of Wonderful Cup of Tea Block and kept sewing the background fabric together and then there was the needle threading - all day long I had trouble threading the needle.

 Then there was the reverse stitch which happened quite a lot yesterday.  Somehow I think I should have quit for the day - but like a devoted needleworker I took the good with the bad and carried  on regardless.

This is some of what I worked on last week. My rotation for 2012 has already been changed.  I am now going to work for 10 hrs on a project and then move on.  I realised that some weeks will be busier than others so to give every piece a fair chance this is what I will try.

Snowman Kissess © CherryWood Designs
Elizabeth McGuire © LHN
 I have been wanting a little outdoor setting to put in the courtyard outside our bedroom so that I can sit and do my Bible study in the morning and then sit and stitch throughout the day.  We found one that was perfect and at an even better price then we expected.  I have been looking forward to using this so much BUT guess what,  the weather has been abysmal and is set to continue on like this for the rest of the week.
 Where did Summer go,  it is too cold to sit outside as well as overcast and rainy and looking at the weather map this morning it looks like we are going to get more rain in a short while.

May you day be filled with laughter and peace. 
Annette B


Anonymous said...

Ah, I really love anything by LHN and those snowmen are too cute. :o)

We are having quite hot weather down here. It seems all mixed up doesn't it. LOL

Joysze said...

Oh dear... I hope those trying stitching days are gone and you'll have nothing but good ones.

That's a nice set you found.... hope you have some nice weather soon.

CindyMae said...

Having an all thumbs day is not fun and can be very frustrating! Hope you have some nice weather soon to enjoy stitching outdoors! Love your progress!


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